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Aurelius originates from the Latin Aurelius, derived from aurum, origin of the word "gold".

Living up to his name, Senhor Aurélio is a rare character in the sunny northeast corners. At almost 93 years old, he is one of the last survivors of the old caste of sugarcane planters.

Rapadouro by birth and spiritist by nature, its history has been distilled for more than seven decades, intertwined in the practices and traditions that date back to the first sugar, rapadura and cachaça mills.

During his life trajectory, he suffered, absorbed experiences, adapted, recreated himself and saw his  almanjarras made of sticks, ropes and irons, played by bestaria, became the current mills, producing with high technology, with automated stills and aging rooms in noble wood, where the cachaça rests for years and comes out golden and delicious, becoming a expensive and rare product, like Mr. Aurélio himself.

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